If you are not now a nurse and you complete a paper time card, beginning September 1, 2011, you are required to clock in and out at the time clock unless you supervise employees.  Please note: Nurses must refer to the time entry logic sheet to determine whether they clock in at the time clock.  If you are still unsure whether you are to use the time clock, please contact your supervisor or manager.  After talking with your supervisor or manager and still feel you need assistance, please call 4094.

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A 30-minute automatic meal deduction will be applied to each scheduled work day for the jobs listed below. If the employee punches for the meal, the automatic meal deduction will be overridden.

70833SS: Health Aide (WL)Health Services Technician 1 I/S
70834SS: Health Aide (AL)Health Services Technician 2 I/S
70807SS: Health Aide (WL)Forensic Services Technician 1
70808SS: Health Aide (AL)Forensic Services Technician 2
70815SS: Health Aide (SP)MH/DD Shift Supervisor
71141SS: Nurse Assistant (WL)Nursing Asst, Certified
71142SS: Nurse Assistant (AL)Nursing Asst Lead, Certified
71109TS: Lic Prac Nurse (WL)Nurse Licensed Practical Inpt
71113PS: Registered Nurse (WL)Nurse (Inpatient)
71101PS: Registered Nurse (SP)Nurse Charge (Inpatient)
70201SS: Client Support Worker (WL)Houseparent
70981SS: Client Support Worker (AL)None